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Statement by H.E.Ambassador Kairat Abdrakhmanov
the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UN
at the informal Member States meeting on the South-South Energy Initiative
(5 February, 2014)

Mr. Chairman,
I commend you for convening this meeting to address the critical issue of energy cooperation through the SSEI, which has the great potential to eradicate, or at least, considerably minimize poverty and economic inequality in the least-developed countries, focusing on good governance, meeting environmental challenges.
The diminishing access to energy, food and water and the crises witnessed today, present serious threats to development and stability. Hence, Energy, Food and Water Security will be among the key focus areas for Kazakhstans long term policy for sustainable development.
Permit me to present an example of my country approach. Kazakhstan has already set concrete and achievable targets for the main resources. Alternative electricity will constitute 50% of the energy supply by 2050 and efficient energy use will increase by 10% annually until 2015. These targets in the areas of energy production and consumption, within specific time frames, represent a clear departure from the business as usual trajectory of the Kazakh economy. The Government is increasing incentives and the awareness of citizens for energy saving in daily life, providing financing for industries to invest in alternative sources, and monitoring so that standards are complied with. It will consider a dual approach of raising the tariff and providing capital support for new innovations, and, at the same time, assess the needs and problems presented by the oil and gas sectors.
Since development, environmental protection and security are interconnected, Kazakhstan has initiated and promoted the Green Bridge Partnership Programme which was initiated by Kazakhstan and welcomed in the Rio+20 outcome document. Prior to Rio, the programme was endorsed by ESCAP and the ECE.
The Green Bridge Partnership Programme is a voluntary inter-regional mechanism, open to any interested party, which provides practical assistance in the transfer of best practices in the area of management, green technology and innovation, including in the energy sector. The programme could also provide an extensive and stable framework for investment in sustainable development and strengthen the partnership between the countries of Europe, and Asia and the Pacific. It can also be of significance to Africa, adding value to its existing programmes.
Realizing that energy will have an increasing impact on our collective future security, Kazakhstan has chosen the theme, Future Energy for Expo 2017 to be hosted in Astana, where countries can learn from each other. The Expo, along with other efforts, is our contribution to implementing the UN Secretary-Generals initiative, Sustainable Energy for All.
As more and more developing countries industrialize, and population growth increases, they will naturally want more energy to quench the growth thirst. This will see more involvement in international affairs with likely geopolitical issues, new and old, arising. The Green Bridge Partnership, together with SSEI, can begin to address likely tensions, and bring about the balance in energy utilization and equitable distribution for the sake of stability and cooperation among nations. In this important task, Kazakhstan therefore, stands ready to develop cooperation within the framework of South-South Energy Initiative with a view to benefit countries of the South in todays global context.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.